Faculty of Nursing is a champion of league for Egypt

10 May 2023

under the patronage of
His Excellency Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan, President of Beni Suef University
and Professor Dr. Jamal Abdel-Rahman, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs
#Under supervision of
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naji Muhaisen, Dean of the College of Nursing'
Prof. Dr. Huda Al-Jundi, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs. and  the agents of the College of Nursing
#With a distinguished presence of the spiritual father of the students of the College of Nursing and the Institute
Mr/ Osama Rashwan _ Director of Public Relations
captain / Abdul Rahman Muhammad Kamal _ Director of Youth Welfare
_ Secretary of the Sports Committee / Ahmed Adel
_ Vice President of the Union / Muhannad Jamal
_ President of the Union / Abdul Rahman Fade
-# Public Relations at the College and the Technical Institute of Nursing
#Union _ Nursing _ Students _ for _ Egypt
#Union _ of _ nursing _ students 2023