Community Services Unit

Vice Dean for Community and Environment Service
Dr. Salwa Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim

Vice Dean for community and environment service
Dear students, Welcome and welcome to the Faculty of Nursing The service of the community is one of the most important strategic objectives of the college through which the college can link the academic community with the civil society and coordinate and develop cooperation between the college and the various sectors of health and community in order to activate the participation of faculty members and students in the appropriate manner and according to the needs of society and labor market In order to raise the level of graduate and improve the nursing profession, make sure my dear students to practice scientific, sports and environmental activities and benefit from the services of the College to graduate in a dignified and sophisticated to serve your community and your country Beloved Egypt May Allah guide us to serve our nation's precious and wish you success and our faculty and our university progress and prosperity.

About the community service sector and environmental development
As a scientific institution - in the performance of its mission to the community based on active community participation and the existence of mechanisms for cooperation and integration between universities and research centers and the community as a whole. The universities have become centers of radiation, awareness and lighthouse to advance and take in the hands of individuals and groups with their various needs, and also enable them to participate effectively through the provision of direct services, education and health education related to those needs and health problems common in the community and building upon it The Community Services and Environmental Development Sector has been established at the Faculty of Nursing, Beni Suef University, in order to achieve the mission and objectives of the College, which extends to community service, environmental development, activating the community participation and benefiting from the specialties of Afra College different achieve the desired goal and the benefit of the community and the surrounding environment. The sector activates the role of the college in studying the needs of the community, monitoring the environmental problems, developing plans to find solutions, and developing strategies to qualify, encourage and train students and graduates to volunteer work and enhance the ability to participate in society. Through the units of the sector: training unit, activities, crisis and disaster unit (units of a special nature) and other units such as community service unit language unit and computer unit.