IT Unit

In pursuit of the ICTP project to activate IT services to reach the beneficiaries in the faculties of students, faculty and staff, the establishment of information technology units in the faculties has started. ICTP aims to set up the electronic services unit in all university faculties in the next five years gradually by 20% of the faculties of each university each year. These units are the link between the six ICTP projects at the university level and among the various faculties. The aim of these units is to increase the efficiency of university projects (network - management information systems - training - digital library - e-learning - digital portal) to provide excellent services in the information technology of the faculties.

The project of establishing the electronic services unit in the college aims to provide the necessary elements of continuous development in the field of information technology to keep abreast of the rapid scientific and technological development and to improve the student, faculty members and staff to achieve a high level of efficiency.

It aims at supporting the performance of the academic tasks through technological support and continuous development and working to spread the culture of technological empowerment of the university community (students, faculty members and employees) in order to facilitate their training, research and administrative activities and the transformation of electronic transactions into educational, academic, financial and administrative processes.

Objectives of the Unit:
  1. Improve the efficiency and improvement of the internal information network in the college
  2. Operation and maintenance of the information network
  3. Follow up the technical use of the network and provide technical support to all users
  4. To carry out the required expansions of the college network in coordination with the university network
  5. Activation of the video conferencing video conference
  6. Improve the efficiency of the infrastructure and modernize the college
  7. Supervising the periodic maintenance of computers and accessories
  8. Study deficiencies, analyze faults and problems and develop appropriate solutions for computer systems
  9. Preparing periodic reports on the state of the equipment and laboratories in the college
  10. · Standardize the use of operating systems, software and protection against viruses
  11. Download original software and copy antivirus
  12. Update hardware software
  13. Maintenance of computers and printers or supervision of maintenance contracts
  14. To develop the educational process by strengthening interaction between students and faculty members
  15. Marketing of electronic courses and providing technical consultancy and training
  16. Train faculty members and their assistants to raise learning resources for the course material and deal with the electronic portal libraries
  17. Training faculty members to manage student forums
  18. The use of official e-mail in the university in all administrative transactions as well as in communication with the student
  19. Manage the accounts of the beneficiaries of the College by e-mail
  20. Activate and activate e-mail service for students and faculty members
  21. Exchange all correspondence and documents through e-mail
  22. Use of electronic transactions instead of paper transactions
  23. Training and technical support to activate the use of management information systems
  24. Training faculty and faculty members on ICT
  25. Use the official website of the College to communicate with all concerned parties
  26. Collect and publish college news
  27. Update the College's data on the portal
  28. Training and awareness-raising among students on how to use electronic portals
  29. Increase the efficiency of digital library use
  30. Managing the beneficiaries' accounts on the digital library
  31. Training faculty members and the supporting body to make accounts on Google Scholar, a service dedicated to students and researchers, to find research, summaries and information in any field of scientific research.
  32. Technical support for users and private beneficiaries:
  • Management information systems applications (MIS)
  • Library Automation Project
  • E - learning project
  • Information Network Infrastructure Project

Services of the unit to the faculty members

Personal websites for faculty members:

Faculty members and their assistants can obtain the space allocated for their sovereignty on the university site and design it as they wish by following the instructions of the guide which will be uploaded on the website of the college and the university. The unit will also hold workshops for all to explain the detailed manner of implementation. This service is currently available to faculty and faculty members.

News publishing:
The faculty members, the supporting staff and the staff can publish the news related to the department. This news is approved by the Dean of the College and then goes to the editor of the site at the unit's headquarters in order to take the necessary.

The technical support request for maintenance is submitted to the IT unit in the faculty and the concerned engineer is directed to study the situation, holidays and take the necessary action.

Digital Library Account:
The Unit shall establish an account for all faculty members and their assistants on the website. Please go to the unit's headquarters for details of the new account.

Emails for faculty members:
E-mail can be obtained from faculty members and employees through the unit and following the steps, the user can obtain and activate his e-mail. Note that this service is available to all members of the faculty and their assistants and staff. If you would like to edit your username please go to the unit's headquarters.

The unit conducts training courses in the field of information technology for students and graduates and postgraduate students to study their needs to raise their efficiency. Free courses are provided
According to information technology. The scientific departments and departments are addressed to clarify the details of the training process in addition to announcing them on the college website