Quality Assurance Unit

Unit Vision
"The Unit seeks to achieve a high level of quality of performance in the educational process, research and community service"

Unit Message
"The Unit works to disseminate and adopt a culture of quality and evaluate the continuous performance in all elements of the educational system, research, community and administrative in accordance with the standards of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation to make the college able to compete and keep abreast of scientific and technological developments with high quality and guidance to serve the community and its needs in various areas"

The Quality Assurance Unit aims to achieve the following strategic objectives:
(1) Development of the institutional capacity and human resources of the College
(2) Activation of quality management systems in the faculty
(3) developing the college to be a scientific radiation center in the processes of teaching and learning
(4) Promoting and improving the quality of community services at the college
(5) Improve the quality of the performance of the research process at the College

Unit Values ​​The unit sets the following values ​​for operation:
(1) Justice: fair practices do not differentiate between one party or another and does not exclude anyone within the quality system
(2) Transparency: transparent practices that are clear and unambiguous
(3) Shura: consultation and consensus and non-exclusive Rai
(4) Freedom: academic freedom and responsible research

Work regulations of the Quality Assurance Unit at the College
• The head of the unit invites the heads of the committees and the members of the unit to meet by e-mail and internal telephone of the college and publish announcements in the administrative building of the college, and the heads of committees and members of the unit activate their e-mail so that they can be contacted and contacted when necessary.
• In the absence of any committee chairman or member of the unit to attend three consecutive meetings of the unit without written apology, this is a departure from the tasks entrusted to him and this is mentioned in the monthly performance evaluation prepared by the internal audit committee.
• All members of the unit must submit a monthly report on their tasks during the month. If the completion of some of the tasks failed, the reasons for this stumbling are mentioned, and the heads of the committees and the head of the unit must be informed of any obstacles immediately after their appearance so that they can be discussed and taken to deal with them.
• The head of the unit shall be formally notified by the committee chairmen and members of any travel for more than one week outside or within the country at least one week prior to the date of travel, and to report if the date of travel coincides with the date of delivery of the results of the tasks or reports. The report includes the completion of the tasks and otherwise it is a waiver of responsibility for the unit and this is mentioned in its performance evaluation.
• The Internal Audit Committee prepares monthly reports on the chairmen of the committees and the members of the unit. It also prepares an aggregate report every eleven weeks on the total activities that have been carried out and which have been found to have been found by the Head of the Quality Unit explaining the reasons for the stumbling and the question or those responsible for it.
• All members of the committees of the unit must ensure continuous contact between them and the chairmen of their committees to receive the tasks and deliver the results on schedule. If the contrary occurs, the chairmen of the committees report to the head of the unit to be accompanied by an assessment of the monthly performance of the member.
• The chairmen of the committees and all the members of the quality unit receive a certificate from the quality assurance unit at the college for the period they worked in and the quality of work in the unit to attach it to their curriculum vitae and attach the results of the reports to them.
• The Chairman of the Internal Audit Committee, after consultation with the Head of the Unit, shall inform all committee chairmen and members of the Unit of the results of the monthly performance evaluation in person or by e-mail.
• If any chairperson of the committees or members wishes to replace or apologize for one or all or all of the tasks entrusted to him, he shall submit an application to the head of the unit before one third of the period prescribed for completing this task or tasks has passed, so that it may be redistributed and attached to his request.
• The head of the unit must work to overcome the difficulties and causes of stumbling in the tasks as much as possible and according to the available resources and through cooperation with the management of the college representative Frei Dean and to provide support and assistance to all heads of committees and members of the unit to ensure the proper functioning of the work.
• The quality assurance unit may employ a number of graduates and students who are active in initiating the work to assist in the distribution and collection of questionnaires and assist the committees in some works of art in the unit in order to award certificates of appreciation to them for their assistance in quality activities.
• The chairmen of the committees, the members of the unit and their assistants who have contributed to the quality activities receive a monthly reward for the tasks they have accomplished or participated in the successful completion of the meetings and the attendance of the meetings, estimated according to the difficulty of the task and the scientific or functional staff and the duration of the task. The financial of the project continues.
• At the end of the project, the remuneration of all members of the quality unit, including the head of the unit, for the continuation of the quality activities of the funds of the college as stated in the project to ensure continuity and similar to the quality units at the University of Beni Suef.