Nursing as a profession and art is  completed  only by mastering and applying the skills and training in the laboratories and then on the patients. The study in nursing colleges is divided into two parts that can not be separated: theoretical and practical and applied.

The Faculty of Nursing at Beni Suef University has a practical skills lab to acquire experience and training in all nursing skills for students within it as well as instilling the values, principles and ethics necessary for the practice of nursing tasks.

Overall objective of the skill coefficient:
Is to train undergraduate students on the performance of various nursing procedures so that they can master it when providing health services to patients.

College of Nursing Skills
1- The basics of nursing.
2- Child Nursing.
3 - Nursing mother and newborn.
4 - Nursing critical cases.
5- Internal and surgical nursing.
6 - Nursing critical cases.
7- Community Health Nursing.