Nursing Administration Department

Department of Nursing Management

It includes two major scientific disciplines:
7.1 Management of nursing services.
7.2 Management of nursing education.

It includes the following coursework:
Nursing Management - Training Programs.

Faculty members and their assistants
Dr.. Hadi Abdel Moneim Osman Teacher
Dr.. Sana Hassan Mohammed teacher
Dr.. Salwa Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim               Teacher
Dr.. Najla Mohammed Sayed Ibrahim              teacher
Bassiouni Mohamed Bassiouni                        teacher
Aida Mahmoud Abdel Azim                            teacher
Rady Mubarak Ahmed Abdel Rahman               Assistant Lecturer
Ahmed Farghaly Tawfiq Abdelkader                Assistant Lecturer
Fatima Fouad Sayed Ibrahim                        Assistant Lecturer
Shaimaa Abdel Fattah Mahjoub Sayed             Lecturer
Mansour Mohammed Abdo Al - Kharashi          Lecturer
Shaimaa Yahya Mohammed                         Lecturer 
Ahmed El Sayed Ali Abu Ali                           Lecturer
Fatima Ghanem Abdel Hamid Hassan              Lecturer 
Samar Atef Munib SaberLecturer                    Lecturer

Selection criteria for academic leaders (college policies and mechanisms)