Nursing Fundamentals Department

Nursing basics Department

Which is a section of the Department of Internal Medicine Surgical, which includes four major scientific disciplines:
1.1 The basics of nursing.
1-2 Nursing of Internal Medicine and its Specializations.
1-3 Nursing of Surgery Diseases and  its Specializations.
Nursing Critical and Emergency Cases.

Within the field of surgical internship nursing, the following scientific courses are offered:
Anatomy - physiology - nutrition and biochemistry - microbiology - parasites - pathology. Surgery specialties (tracks, bones, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat), applied nutrition, pharmacology, internal specialties (chest, heart, skin, neurology).

The members of the teaching staff and their assistants
Ahmed Gamal Fahmy Attia                      lecturer
Noura Mahfouz Shaker Bebawy                lecturer
Abeer Badawi behind Mohamed                lecturer

Selection criteria for academic leaders (college policies and mechanisms)