First: - General rules in the controls of supervision of the control and its work
1- The examinations shall be held at the College's headquarters, and any member of the faculty members, their assistants, faculty or university employees shall be prohibited from taking any examinations in the division in which they have relatives of any kind until the fourth grade.
2. (a) All the examinations referred to under the chairmanship of the Dean of the College shall be conducted in his capacity as the General President of the exam and the general head of the control, assisted by the undersecretary of the relevant college. On exams.
    (B) The Dean of the College shall be delegated to all the powers of the Administrative Dean in case of his absence. Such delegation shall be limited to the days of the examination committees set forth in the schedules stated, and the mandate shall be terminated.
3. The members of the faculty members of the faculty shall rotate to attend the work of the sensors and to supervise the actual and direct supervision in the examination committees according to the schedule in this regard, which shall be issued by a decision of the Dean of the College. The faculty members who are assigned from other faculties Daily in accordance with a decision issued in this regard.
4. In all cases, the professor of the course must be present on the day of the examination scheduled for this article.
5. The Dean of the College shall form the committees of the examiners of the different teams when necessary and in accordance with the provisions of Article (71) of the Executive Regulations of the Universities Law and other related provisions.
6. The head of the control shall distribute the work to the members in accordance with the best interests of the work. He shall supervise directly the running of the day-to-day operation of the control and notify the Dean of any order or problem which may lead to obstructing or delaying the work in the control or delaying it. The presidents of the centers notify the Dean of the College of the success rate in each subject and related matters before the monitoring of the grades so that the invitation of the General Committee of the examiners can be considered.
Second: Obtaining and keeping exam questions
• The masters of the central are competent to receive exam questions in closed envelopes from the masters of the exam preparers, as well as to save them on the exam day. They also specialize in printing them on the morning of the exam day. This is done in accordance with his responsibility and full and direct involvement of the faculty member in charge of teaching the course. In all ways to maintain the confidentiality required in these matters, and the minutes of the release of the envelopes of the questions are released daily and prove the case of the envelope and those who broke the confidentiality and the presence of a member of the faculty responsible for the scientific material and the preparation of the exam and not attend and provide the College this record at the time hand or as soon as possible.

Third: The rules of the work of the various committees and committees
(Control committees, monitoring, and supervising exam control)
1. Upon completion of the printing of the questions, the concerned head of the control board and its members must be present at the examination committees
2. Venues of the examination committees at the College's headquarters according to the schedules and arrangements
3 - It is strictly prohibited to open the control centers or to be present during the examination committees and specifically in accordance with the dates specified in the attached examination tables and the presence of the president and members of the control and their assistants referred to within the examination committees held to supervise the actual observation and observation to achieve the discipline of the committees and regularity
4 - Mr. / Mr. / Chairman of the control of the distribution of work among the members of the control, which will achieve the discipline of work
5- The answer booklets shall be sealed under the supervision of a member of the control board using the seal and taking into consideration the number of students of the class and the backwardness in each subject. This should be completed before the beginning of the examination by one week
6 - The head and members of the relevant control of the receipt of the response papers when correct and placed in the hall dedicated to the work of control
7. All works related to the confidentiality of the questionnaires shall be done and the results shall be recorded in the prepared statements, in the presence of the absolute majority of the members of the control
8- The results of the exam shall be monitored in the computer program, provided that this is directly from the answer books

Fourth: print, transfer, and distribution of question sheets
1- The exam papers shall be printed daily on the morning of each day of the exam and well in advance, under the direct and actual supervision of Mr. / Head of the relevant control and attendance of the member of the teaching staff responsible for the material in which the exam is conducted. If the master of the control finds any traces of a mistake or similar in the envelope, the Dean of the College or his representative in case of absence will be notified to determine what follows in this case. The number of printed question sheets shall be increased by about 10% On the expected number to enter the exam in each article and is allocated from each paper QUESTIONS FOR THE FIVE FOLLOWING TABLES FOR THE COLLEGE BOOK
2. The remaining question papers shall be filled in sealed envelopes signed by the head of the concerned control and then distributed to the supervisors and observers. They should check the closing and signing of the envelope or envelopes delivered to them before they are distributed and distributed to the students in the examination committees. To distribute the questions only on the order of the Chairman of the General Committee and after the distribution of pamphlets to answer the students and the stability of the system in the Committee and be alert to students to ban writing on the final question sheets, except the student's name and seating number if he wanted, Ye signs inside or outside brochures to answer
The chairmen of the committees, the heads of the sensors and the print operators shall work to start the exam on time without delay. If the examination is delayed for a compelling reason, add the amount of time that the delay took to the specified time.

Fifth: Observation and observation
1. The presence or passage of the examination committees shall be strictly forbidden to any person who does not have a status. In such a way, the security and the medical committee shall be limited to meeting the request at the time of the summoning by the head of the competent committee after notification to the head of the control or his deputy
2. Supervising and observing in the examination committees are the assistance of the faculty members and the staff working under the supervision of Mr. / Head of the control. A sufficient number of the employees of the university are assigned to them. These are all on the examination committees to ensure that there are at least two observers and observers for every twenty students
It shall be taken into account that no one of the observers or observers in one committee shall remain more than one exam, and the presence of a sufficient number of observers or observers shall be considered as a reserve to be used if necessary.
3- If there is a shortage in the number of observers, coordination with the university administration and the different colleges to meet the need of the faculty of observers or observers in the case of shortage in numbers, be proof of attendance and departure in special statements at the examination and report to their work to ensure discipline in this regard and avoid Loss of time to go to the original workplace and then move to the Faculty of Science
4 - Each of the above-mentioned persons must attend and sign in attendance at the exam and in the statements referred to at least one hour prior to the start of the exam. Otherwise, they will be considered absent and will be notified of this and the exam dates. At least half an hour from the date of the exam to be able to ensure the discipline and order of the Committee and be able to supervise the entry of students to their places and not to disturb the organization of the committees, especially seats and places of order
5. Any breach of the examination system or seats or their arrangement is the responsibility of the observer or the competent observer, and each of them must maintain this throughout the examination period and remove the student who violates the system from the examination committee and inform the Chairman of the subcommittee and the head of the control. Competent to take the necessary
6- The question and answer papers shall be distributed by the observers and the observers, as the case may be, after obtaining the student's card or proof of identity and signing it in attendance in the assigned statement, and keeping it to the end of the exam. The answer sheets shall also be collected with their knowledge and in this case, they shall return to The student will sign his card after signing the declaration
7- The student may not deliver more than one answer book for any reason. However, it is permissible to replace the damaged booklet before writing in it. The damaged booklets should be kept and delivered to the Chairman of the Committee, with the exception of the type of damage.
- Each observer or observer shall check the number of booklets collected and match them to the number of students present. The supervisors and observers should make sure that the seals of the answer sheets are correct before they are distributed to the students.
- It is strictly prohibited to hide the name of the student and his seating number, which is written on the answer sheets during the examination period. The numbers of the booklets are all checked in each committee and the attendance and absence are confirmed.
8. The session of the distinguished gentlemen shall begin with their attendance, signature, and presence in their committees as they are presented. Their role shall be terminated by handing over the questionnaires after counting them to the heads of the committees and signing them in the lists allocated for this purpose.
9- Observers and observers should strictly prohibit students from taking any books, notes, mobile phones, or any other devices or tools unrelated to the examination of them to the examination committees, and they should prevent any attempts to violate the exam and cheating system. And shall immediately inform the Chairman of the competent committee as well as the head of the control, who shall notify the Dean / Dean of the College or his representative.

Sixth: - circulation and correction of the answer books
1- The answer papers shall be delivered to the professor of the article to begin correcting them immediately after the exam or at the next day at the most from the handing over of the answer papers. All papers shall be handed over to the control no later than one week from the date of completion of the exam.
2 - The handling of the questionnaires and the registration of each movement is the responsibility of the head of the competent control, and since the receipt of the Department of the College for processing and stamping in preparation for the exam and even the announcement of the results and then save the pamphlets as described in these rules.
3- Each book shall be assigned a special book, in which the number of handbooks delivered to him shall be recorded in each of the articles, the number of pamphlets that have already been stamped and used, the number of sealed booklets, and the number of sealed brochures returned from the committees due to the absence of some students.
4 - After the secret of the pamphlets answer, under the supervision of Mr. Chairman of the control, the envelopes are filled with envelopes and each envelope contains the number of pamphlets that it contains and closes tightly and is signed by the Chairman of the competent control and take into account the number of sufficient question papers.
5- Each controller is assigned a different book for the circulation of the questionnaires during the correction - receipt, and delivery of the corrected Messengers - and the receipt of the answer sheets from the control and to the masters who correct the person personally after signing the receipt and delivery each time the trading book referred to.
6 - The masters of the correctors are responsible for all related to the correction papers submitted to them, including transfer and return them personally from and to the relevant control, in accordance with the previous paragraph, and the professor of the article to determine the part of each corrector in the answer sheet.
7- The masters of the control are responsible for opening and closing the control every time. In this regard, they have to take all the safety of the control. They are also responsible for the regularity and confidentiality of the work inside the control. They must inform the Dean of the college, or his representative. - In the absence of any observations in this regard to ensure the proper functioning of the work, and for the public good.
The Dean of the College shall notify the Dean of the College of the names of the supervisors who are required to correct the materials within the jurisdiction of their science departments. This shall be subject to the approval of the Department Council.
9 - To the colleagues of the heads of departments, and teaching staff to notify the masters of the control of the names of the masters or the participants to the correction before the start time enough to take the necessary in this regard, as soon as the circulation of pamphlets answer to correct them and the heads of the controls control the Office of Mr. The Dean of the College shall make a general statement at least one week prior to the commencement of the examinations, in order to take the necessary action in this regard, and it is absolutely forbidden to have one corrector correcting a whole paper under any circumstances. At least two participants And that each of them shall put the grades of the correct part on the cover of the booklet removed by his signature.

Seventh: Rules of grievance against the results of examinations
1. Every student has the right to appeal against the results of his examination within sixty (60) days of the announcement of the result, either in writing or electronically, as an administrative decision.
2. The grievances shall be submitted to the office of the Dean of the College after payment of the serious grievance fees at a rate of 50 LE for each article in which the complaint is filed.
3. The Dean's Office shall classify and arrange the grievances and the work of the lists shall be arranged and arranged in accordance with the Division and the seating numbers and shall indicate the date of the complaint.
4 - Dean / Dean of the College to mark the grievances and refer them to the head of the competent control.
5. The head and members of the competent control shall examine the grievance within one week from the date of receipt.
6. The Dean of the College shall approve the result of grievances.
7 - The result of the complaint shall be announced and the complainant shall be notified by the Department of Student Affairs at the College and notify the University of the amendments as soon as they are completed.

Eighth: General Provisions
1. The Department of Education and Students must declare the students' seating numbers in a clear and clear manner in accordance with the prescribed methods, and take the exam insufficient time, and observe the rules of the University Council in preparing a unified form for cases in case of apology for the disease, approved by the competent medical committee. To the sick conditions required for this, or to students sentenced or subject to punitive prisons, provided that only those who are brought to the headquarters of the College.
2 - Provide appropriate conditions for students in the performance of examinations and non-leniency with cases of fraud or attempted.
3- Each of the colleagues, the heads and members of the management, the faculty members, the departments and the various departments in the faculty shall be provided with a copy of these rules for their knowledge and action.
4 - The obligation to step down from any of the work mentioned in these rules shall be taken into account for anyone who is related to his or her work by any kind of association up to the fourth degree of a student, in compliance with the provisions of the law and executive regulations.
5 - All departments and departments in the college to implement this decision, both on his own.