Expatriate Administration

Plan to attract expatriates 
Faculty of Nursing, Beni Suef University

The plan of attracting students to the Faculty of Nursing University of Beni Suef


Attracting students from the Arab world to study at the Faculty of Nursing, Beni Suef University, and obtaining the Bachelor degree in nursing sciences.

Acceptance rules for international students

The required documents must be complied with in accordance with the rules of the General Administration for accepting and granting international students:

Number 3 The data form is clearly written and indicated by the name corresponding to the student's passport, academic certificate and address inside and outside the country, indicating the opinion of the college, the university and the academic year, depending on their clerks.

The student's qualifications are clear

Copy of the equivalence of the certificate from the Supreme Council of Universities

The passport copy is complete, clear and valid for more than one year

A copy of the embassy letter indicating the body that will finance the student's study and the degree of study he wishes to complete according to the data form and the academic year.

4 copies of the information form indicating all the data.

Proof of submission electronically (on the website of the Directorate General of the expatriates)

How to apply for admission to international students:

A personal future test is conducted with the new students with a capacity of 500 LE.

The applicant will apply for a postgraduate studies at the college to obtain preliminary approval for admission to postgraduate studies with the above mentioned documents, qualifications and equivalence (all documents must be completed and correct). For review and then submitted to the Study Board for approval in principle

After receiving the approval of the General Directorate for the admission and award of international students at the Ministry of Higher Education, the College is informed of our final approval and approval by the Council of Graduate Studies and Research.

Fees for foreign students (non-Egyptians)

Article 271 (b) of the Executive Regulations has been amended by the Prime Minister's Decision No. 27 of 2016 issued on 10/1/2016 concerning the expenses of postgraduate students who come to become the following (Fifth:

The submitting authority
1- The Embassy The foreign student residing in his country with his papers shall submit to the Embassy of his country in Cairo certified and certified
2- Arab Affairs Office

Required Documents

• International students who have a high school diploma equivalent
• A letter from the embassy of the foreign student in Cairo
• The origin of the secondary certificate obtained by the student is documented + 2 photographs
• Original birth certificate documented + 2 photographs
• A complete copy of the student's passport
• International students with Egyptian secondary school certificate
• Original birth certificate or official extract thereof
• 6 recent photographs
• Completion of the data contained in the envelopes obtained from the Directorate General of the expatriates or the embassy:
  * Application form (Form 555 format)
    * Initial nomination card

* Information form (3 copies)
 * Confirmation of the guardian and student
 * Wish card (original and picture)

Applications are available through the website of the Cultural Affairs and Missions section of the Ministry of Higher Education www.mohe-casm.edu.e

  For the bachelor: The papers are submitted to the general administration of the expatriates in Cairo

* Arab Egypt approved by the Minister of Education the following fees:

- Expenses for bachelor and bachelor students:

The fee for the first time was 1500 US dollars

4000 US dollars annual tuition fees

And progress dates for enrollment

Bachelor's and Bachelor's degrees from the last June until the first of September.