library name        Faculty of Nursing, Beni Suef University
Type of university library - specialized
Year of Library Creation       2007
Number of reading rooms 1
The total number of seats is 80
2 computer number
Total number of table with 10
The total number of library books buyer 813 book database scientific books

Data on library management
Iman Attia Imam Director of Library

Educational and social services at the college library

Library Location:
The library is located in the second floor of the college to the right of the entrance.

What the library contains:
The library hall contains about 10 tables and 80 seats. The library is divided according to the departments of the college in a way that is easy and accessible to the beneficiaries and contains the scientific books from all the departments of the college from:
Nursing - Anatomy - Physiology - Computer - Nutrition - Medicine - Community Health - Internal Medicine and Surgery - Obstetrics and Gynecology - General Nursing - Education - Psychological Health Research.

It also has the digital library project of the Central Library at Beni Suef University and the library is on its way to increase the scientific books, magazines and scientific references.

General Objective of the Library:
- To facilitate  teaching  to the undergraduate students.
- To facilitate  teaching to faculty members, assistant teachers, preachers and postgraduate students from the Library's holdings.
-  achieve scientific research progress and support the curriculum, scientific and educational faculty.
- Work on the digital library project, which will allow faculty members and students to access scientific books, magazines and scientific references by participating in the digital library, where the college is cooperating culturally with the university and scientific bodies and the research center at the local and international level.

Services provided by the library
1- External and internal borrowing.
2 - access to books and scientific references.
3 - Connect to the information network in the library.