Strategic goals and objectives

The first goal
Developing institutional performance to enhance competitiveness
Executive goals
Supporting institutional performance
Developing the capabilities and skills of the teaching staff and the supporting staff
The development of self-resources and material resources

The second goal
Achieving excellence and innovation in the scientific research sector
Executive goals
Providing a supportive environment for scientific research to present and develop distinguished postgraduate programs
Update the research plan in line with the university's research plan and community needs
Work on issuing a scientific journal

Third goal
Developing the educational process to produce distinguished students who are able to compete and innovate
Executive goals
Updating the program description and developing the academic courses in a way that is compatible with the regulations to keep pace with labor market developments
Developing teaching and learning methods, evaluation systems and exams
Providing a supportive environment for excellence and innovation

Fourth goal
Gaining community confidence and contributing to raising the efficiency of the health service in the local community.
Executive goals
Developing community service plans and programs to achieve the satisfaction of the beneficiary parties.
Using the results of scientific research in solving community problems.
Achieving integration between the college and society to contribute to development.

The core values ​​of the institution
The core values ​​were approved by the College Council on 8/2019. The ruling values ​​represent the set of values ​​that govern and control the behavior of the college family during the implementation of the strategic plan and the college administration seeks to convert it into a basis for transactions.
Affiliation and Citizenship:
Deepening belonging to the homeland by participating in solving community problems.
Encouraging teamwork and active participation.
Accept and take responsibility for actions and decisions.
Social and ethical commitment:
The faculty administration seeks to inculcate social and moral values ​​such as fairness, integrity, transparency, respect and work excellence.
Continuing Learning:
The college adopts the principle of continuous education to keep pace with the continuous progress and changes in science and technology.